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A: While an appointment is not necessary, it does ensure that you will receive our undivided attention to show you how we can transform the ballroom and to answers any questions you may have.

A: To secure a date with Events at Refinery, we require a signed contract and event deposit.

A: Absolutely. We have staff that will help you all the way from the time you sign your contract, until the end of your reception / event. A day-of coordinator will be there on your wedding day / special event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all of your needs are met.

A: Absolutely. Events at Refinery offers two ceremony styles, making the transition from ceremony to reception seamless.

A: We pride ourselves on providing personal attention and focusing all energies on one event at a time. We dedicate all of our space and all of our staffing to you.

A: We can accommodate guest counts ranging from small and intimate, to large counts of up to 400 guests, with customized layouts, and a spacious dance floor.

A: During a one-on-one consultation, we will design a digital layout that suits all of your needs.

A: Unlike most facilities, Events at Refinery has the ability to remain open until 2am.

A: We have two built in high definition projection systems that can be used for videos or photo slideshows. We also have a built-in state of the art sound system.

A: Events at Refinery partners closely with local hotels with the ability to transport your guests to and from our facility safely.

A: We begin setting up the morning of your event, typically around 11:30am.

A: During a one-on-one consultation we will discuss how you want your event to look. A few days before your event, you will have an opportunity to bring in all of your decorations, and discuss the specific details about how you would them displayed. We will also break down your decorations, repackage them for you, and they can be picked up from our office on the following business day.

A: Yes, each reception's bar option is completely customized to suit your needs.

A: Events at Refinery will provide staffing for bartending, and to clear bar glasses from the room.

A: No. Events at Refinery has a fully stocked bar, with options to special order specific items.

A: Events at Refinery requires a $1000 deposit to secure your reception date.

A: All of our reception options are put together in packages, which include the rental of the facility.

A: Yes, we accept all major credit cards with no penalty.

Definition of Service Charge vs. Gratuity
A Service Charge is not to be confused with a Gratuity. A Service Charge is a mandatory and automatic fee that is typically added to your contract. A gratuity is a voluntary amount of money given in exchange for a service performed.

What is a Gratuity?
A gratuity {also known as a tip} is a voluntary amount of money given in exchange for a service performed. For example -- People typically tip wait staff or hair stylists for great service. Gratuity to the staff is soley at your discretion.

What is a Service Charge?
The service charge is a fee that is added by the venue to act as an operating cost for things such as insurance, labor, administration costs, advertising, building maintenance, utilities, day to day operations, etc. The service charge also helps cover the cost of the hours needed to prep and plan the event. We do not charge for walk-throughs, unlimited complimentary meetings, etc. This fee offsets all of these costs to insure our clients aren’t worrying about asking for help in these areas, as many of our clients have had, or heard of others’ experience in which they are billed for these things. We like to insure that the planning process is as easy as possible with nothing to worry about once you have booked with us. Keep in mind, the Service charge DOES NOT equate to a Gratuity; therefore, it DOES NOT cover the gratuities for the wait staff/bartenders.

What should I expect at Events at Refinery?
Events at Refinery charges a 20% service charge on all hosted bar items. Therefore, while it is not required, it is etiquette that the bartenders are tipped for their services during an event.

So a tip for those of you planning a wedding and getting estimates: ask for the all-inclusive amount that includes venue rental, food & beverage, labor, staff, tax, and service charge. Many times a venue will leave out the tax and service charge in order to hook you into booking with them. When the bill comes to you, it's 30% higher than you were originally budgeting for. OUCH! When you tour with Events at Refinery, you will receive an estimate that shows an all inclusive look at your special day!

A: Events at Refinery offers a 20% discount on all Friday wedding ceremonies and receptions.

A: Yes, once your contract is signed, you are locked in to the rates listed on the contract.  All other prices not listed on the contract are subject to change.

A: Events at Refinery will design a payment schedule at the time of your contract signing.

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This flexible venue features : 

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light
  • Natural maple hardwood flooring, a lush backdrop that works with any color scheme
  • Event planners who have the creative flair to make your vision a reality